Features in SSIS 2016

Following are the most important features in SSIS 2016: Retrieving Error Column Control Flow Template AutoAdjustBufferSize Property Retrieving Error Column:In previous versions of SSIS, if a Data Flow Task Fails we don't have option to retrieve Error Column name but we can retrieve error description. To retrieve the error column name, a new SSIS library … Continue reading Features in SSIS 2016


Retrieving SSIS project/packages from SSIS catalog

There are two ways to export a package from SSISDB to SSDT Export as .ispac from SSMS(SQL Server Management Studio) and save in SSDT (SQL Server Data tools) Export as Zip file from SSMS Export as .ispac from SSMS Step 1: In SSIS Catalog, tight click on the package that has to be exported and … Continue reading Retrieving SSIS project/packages from SSIS catalog

BIDS – 32-bit Run time

BIDS is a 32-bit run time application (reference can be found here). So, when we are using SSIS we are using 32 bit facilities to build our package. Nowadays, we are using 64-bit OS and other hardware. For Microsoft Jet Driver (MS Access or Excel), there is no 64-Bit version of Jet Driver so any … Continue reading BIDS – 32-bit Run time