Ghost, an Open Source Blogging Platform in Azure

Ghost is an Open Source platform for publishing posts and magazines containing images, videos, codes, etc. It is a simple tool that allows developers to customize their post. Ghost is simple and easy to use when compared to other blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, etc.

    Ghost allows multiple users to publish their posts in a single account. New posts can be created by a single click. Also, it is scalable and performance is high. It provides platform for injecting APIs, creating menus and other customizations. It uses advanced technologies like Handlebars, Node.js and Ember.js to configure sites.

Here we will see steps to create a Ghost blog using Azure.

Pre-Requisite: Microsoft Azure Account

Step 1: Log in to Microsoft Azure Account and search for “Ghost”

Step 2: Select Ghost with publisher Ghost and click “Create”

Step 3: App name is name of Ghost web app and also a part of web app URL. Subscription may be of Free Trial or Azure Pass and so on depending on the usage. Resource group is location to deploy app. Fill out details of App Name, Subscription and Resource Group and click “Create”.

Step 4: It will be deployed and web app will be created now. It would be visible under Azure resources.

Step 5: Copy URL in Overview page of Web app.

On opening the above URL in browser and we would be able to view welcome page for Ghost web app as below.


 Step 5: For uploading blog post and to customize Ghost Web App. Add “/admin” at the end of URL it will take to Ghost Account Setup Page. Click “Create your account” here.

Enter details like E-mail Address, Name, Password and Blog title and select “Last Step”. Blog title would be displayed as in your blog’s front page.

Here we can create a team or list of partners to blog and click on “Invite some users”. Otherwise select “I will do it later. Take me to my blog” link to navigate to blog.

Step 7: Admin page would be displayed now. Select “New Post” to create a new one in Ghost Blogger.

Here there will be three panes for title, content and preview. Enter your blog content here.


In top right corner, there will be save option with drop down. Here we can select “Publish now” to publish blog.

Finally, select Publish now to create post.

Step 8:

Customization of blog can be done from settings pane. Here we can set blog logo, blog cover, blog title, blog description, posts per page, etc.

Below is a customized view of a blog.


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