Power BI Report Using Azure Audit Log

Power BI is a cloud based service and it provides data visualizations based on source data. Power BI allows us to connect to various data sources like files, databases, content packs, etc. Here we will generate reports using online Power BI service and thereby to monitor Azure audit logs. It helps us to know Azure Subscription information based on events happened by its usage, resource type, success and failure levels, etc.

Step 1: To start with we can connect to Power BI Site with registered credentials and click on ‘Get Data’.


Step 2: After navigating to “Get Data” page, we can select “Get” under services tab available as below:

Step 3: Under Apps, search for “Azure Audit Logs” and click on “Get it now”.

Step 4: Azure subscription id can be got from “Settings” section or from “My Permissions” section in azure portal after signing up to azure account.

This subscription Id is given to the pop up and click on “Next”.


Step 5: Subscription Id given will be validated and below window will be displayed. Usually, authentication method is OAuth 2 for developer accounts.


Select “Sign in” and log in with registered credentials.

Step 6: Once Signed In, data from Azure audit log will be getting imported to Power BI report.


After data has been imported successfully, a dashboard will be created automatically which can be further customized.


Step 7: A new item called “Azure Audit Logs” will be created under Dashboards, Reports and Data Sets as shown below.


Azure Audit Report dashboard contains events information which has happened on Azure Subscription. It also provide details about Resources and their utilization, VM Provisioning, etc.


On click of Events by Resource Type, we would be able to check events detailed information that happened within an Azure account as a drill down report. It contains details like Resource Provider, Operation, Event Date Time, etc.




Based on Resource Provider, we would be able to filter the data and check the overall Success, Failure, Warning and Error status and their detailed information.


Under Data Sets, Azure Audit logs data set gives us detailed information on each event, error, actions and other information on an Azure account.


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