Ghost, an Open Source Blogging Platform in Azure

Ghost is an Open Source platform for publishing posts and magazines containing images, videos, codes, etc. It is a simple tool that allows developers to customize their post. Ghost is simple and easy to use when compared to other blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, etc.     Ghost allows multiple users to publish their posts in a … Continue reading Ghost, an Open Source Blogging Platform in Azure


Document DB in Azure using C# Console Application

Document DB is a cloud service provided by Microsoft Azure. Document DB is NoSQL database. NoSQL database supports schema-less data and can handle structured, semi-structures and non-structured data. There are four types of NoSQL databases namely Document Oriented, Graph based, Column based and Key Value databases. Here we will be creating Document DB in Azure … Continue reading Document DB in Azure using C# Console Application

Migration from On-Premise DB to Azure DB

Migrate Using SQL Server Management Studio SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) offers two direct ways to transfer a database to an Azure SQL Database. Connect to the SQL Server instance and run either the "SQL Database Deployment Wizard" or the "Export data-tier application" option from SQL Server Management Studio. The primary difference between the two … Continue reading Migration from On-Premise DB to Azure DB

Quick Queries for SQL

/************************** Check list of tables in DB ****************************/ SELECT '['+TABLE_SCHEMA+'].['+TABLE_NAME+']' FROM <DB_Name>.INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES WHERE TABLE_TYPE = 'BASE TABLE' ORDER BY TABLE_SCHEMA GO /******************************* Check Table and SP *********************************/ SP_HELP 'DBO.TableName' -- Table_Name GO SP_HELPTEXT 'DBO.SPName' -- SP_Name GO SP_HELPDB DBName -- DB_Name GO SP_SPACEUSED -- Total free space including Transaction log free space GO DBCC SQLPERF(logspace) … Continue reading Quick Queries for SQL

Chat Bot using Azure

Azure Bot Service allows to work in an integrated environment which accelerates bot's development. It enables us to build, connect, deploy and manage bots. Bots interacts naturally like users talking from app or website to Skype, Facebook, Slack, SMS/Text, and other services. Bot can be written in C# or Node.js directly in browser via Azure … Continue reading Chat Bot using Azure

Power BI Report Using Azure Audit Log

Power BI is a cloud based service and it provides data visualizations based on source data. Power BI allows us to connect to various data sources like files, databases, content packs, etc. Here we will generate reports using online Power BI service and thereby to monitor Azure audit logs. It helps us to know Azure … Continue reading Power BI Report Using Azure Audit Log

Introduction to Azure Function App

Azure function allows us to run functions in cloud. Azure function enables us to develop serverless applications on Microsoft Azure. Using Azure Function app, we can write the code without thinking about any application or infrastructure to run it. Azure functions can be event driven, compute on demand or can also be like upload and … Continue reading Introduction to Azure Function App